Christopher Jensen wasn’t in the mood to play around as he made quick work of opponent Kyle McElroy during the BKFC 19 prelims on FITE TV on Saturday night.

The fight started with McElroy actually throwing a Superman punch as soon as the referee called for action but Jensen didn’t fall for the tactic. Instead, he just started throwing heavy leather and McElroy looked flustered already after stepping into the exchange with his hands low while offering very little defense in return.

Once Jensen had his opponent backed up against the ropes, he just started unloading with a flurry of punches and McElroy eventually buckled from the pressure as he stumbled and crashed down to the mat with blood pouring down his face.

Referee Dan Miragliotta started the 10-count but it didn’t take him long to realize McElroy was in no condition to continue with the fight being stopped at just 1:17 into the opening round.

The ringside physician rushed into check on McElroy as a cut on his forehead was revealed as blood continued to pour down his face while Jensen celebrated his impressive victory to move to 2-1 in bare-knuckle competition.