Fight gal is a community forum for those of us who love combat sports. We are fans of MMA, Boxing, and even pro wrestling because why not? Not only are we fans of sports, we are fans of real fighting. For that reason, this site will also contain articles about self-defense and other martial arts.

This is not just a forum for gals, it is for men, women, dudes, dudettes, fighters, soldiers, slackers, geeks, and anyone who likes to talk about fights sports or just fighting at all.

We will have sections about MMA, boxing, each individual martial arts, street fights and just about anything that you find cool. So feel free to register, browse the site, add articles and have fun.

Users of can also have their own individual forums. Fightgal will stay online forever so nothing will be lost. Upcoming fighters or even fight enthusiasts, feel free to use this site to promote yourself and create your individual portfolio!


Keep Fighting!